Arnold Hill is a large, diverse and exciting sixth form. We offer a broad range of courses and support students in choosing the right courses based on prior attainment and their career goals beyond the sixth form. Courses available include a wide range of A level and BTEC subjects. We are proud of our consistently outstanding results at A level in recent years.

All students are placed in a tutor group, with an experienced and committed tutor who will provide invaluable support. Our Guidance programme helps students make the transition from GCSE with sessions around time management, study skills, mental wellbeing and topical debates on a range of issues. Regular assemblies are supported by visiting alumni and a range of guest speakers from different organisations

A clearly structured programme supports University applicants and those applying for Higher apprenticeships or employment. A wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities are available to students. These include Head Boy and Head Girl posts, the sixth form committee, Duke of Edinburgh, sports leadership roles and activities as diverse as book club, circuit training and cake baking which take place on our Inspire days.

The atmosphere in the Sixth Form is calm and relaxed. Students conduct and attitude is expected to be exemplary with students being role models and ambassadors for younger pupils. Sixth Formers help younger pupils with reading, support with learning in lessons as well as acting as mentors for some younger pupils. Students take responsibility for their own learning with subjects and tutors monitoring progress, learning and attendance.

Arnold Hill Sixth Form has a friendly and caring atmosphere. Staff and students are very approachable. We actively welcome applications from pupils at other schools who will receive a warm welcome and the support needed to enable you to settle in quickly and achieve your full potential.


The 16+ Team

Mr K Callaway

Head of Sixth Form


Mrs S Bacon-Clarke

Head of Year 12


Mr E McEwan

Head of Year 13


Mrs T Spencer

Sixth Form Administrator and Point of Contact


If you would like to arrange an appointment for a tour of the Sixth Form Centre please contact Kevin.Callaway@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk

Year 12 Head of Year: Siobhan Bacon-Clarke

Tutor Group Tutor  Contact Room
12.1 Brian Newson Brian.Newson@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk C104
12.2 Sharron Harrington (Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs)
Julie Johnson (Fri)
Sharron.Harrington@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk Julie.Johnson@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk B102
12.3 Ali Keates(Mon/Tues)
Esther Bolivar (Weds/Thurs/Fri)
12.4 Jo Smith (Mon/Fri)
Sarah Robinson (Tues/Weds/Thurs)
Joanne.Smith@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk Sarah.Robinson@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk B101
12.5 Nikki Adams Nicole.Adams@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk A120
12.6 Debbie.Lyon (Mon/Fri)
Neil Langford (Tues/Weds/Thurs)


Year 13 Head of Year: Ed McEwan

Tutor Group Tutor Contact Room
13.1 Judy Mecia Judy.Mecia@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk B101
13.2 Jodie Whitemore Jodie.Whitemore@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk A120
13.3 Sarah Derbyshire Sarah.Derbyshire@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk A221
13.4 Judith Stockwell (Mon/Tue)
Sara Bawa (Weds/Thurs/Fri)
Judith.Stockwell@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk Sarah.Bawa@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk C101
13.5 Richard Buttinger Richard.Buttinger@arnoldhillacademy.co.uk A219