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Helping Others Makes You Feel Good

Miss Eyre’s Y7 Boys’ Group have started a community project entitled ‘Helping Others Makes You Feel Good’. The boys created a leaflet advertising a collection for donations to Arnold Food Bank, which was distributed around school and initially started as a small ‘acts of kindness’ project.

Mr Smith from the English department was very interested in the project and asked to collaborate with the Boys’ Group as part of the Y7 English end of term topic. The whole year group joined in the project and collected donations of food and toiletries to send to Arnold Food Bank to help people in our community.

Arnold Food Bank 24.7.17

Miss Eyre, Mr Smith and a group of Arnold Hill Academy Y7 students visited Arnold Food Bank this week to drop off the donations and see behind the scenes.

Excellence in English


Following their outstanding work and high achievement this half term, four lucky students were rewarded with signed copies of novels donated by two of the authors who visited Arnold Hill last week as part of the Trent Academies Group Literature Festival.
The students received their prizes from Mr Smith who has recently written home congratulating sixty one students on their high achievement in English following the end of year tests which were held in June. Congratulations to these students on their fantastic achievements!

Mr Smith
Head of KS3 English

Writers’ Group Poetry Showcase

On Thursday evening, the Writers’ group performed some of their poetry to a group of parents in the Library as part of the TAG Litfest 2017.

This is a dedicated group of seven girls (we do want boys to join) who have spent the year writing the most powerful and skilful poetry. It is revealing, crafted and profound. Also sometimes funny.

The members come from years 8 to 10 and in some cases they have been writing for three years. One has been entered in the Young Writers’ competition and has reached the finals; this is not the first time that this has happened to a member of the group. A booklet of work has been produced, and there is a sample below of two of the poems.

The Writers’ group will, I hope, continue to meet and to astound.

Sarah Marshall
Head of KS5 English




Collishaw Returns!

Nottingham-born author, Stephan Collishaw, made a surprise return to Arnold Hill to deliver a highly engaging session to a lucky group of pre-selected Year 10 students. Collishaw, who grew up in Basford, was delighted to work with an extremely talented group of Year 10 pupils as part of the Trent Academies Group Literature Festival.

During the session, students were treated to an insight into Stephan’s life, his writing journey and his most recent novel The Song of The Stork. Moreover, students benefited from a variety of activities including a reflection of life in Vilnius (the setting of the latest novel) and a written exercise in which students were tasked with describing and imagining life in conflicting and dangerous situations in a war-torn country.


Reflecting on the session, several students commented on the success of Stephan’s workshop. Year 10 student, Nina Drury said, “I loved the session as it was extremely engaging. Stephan was enthusiastic and gave us the opportunity, at the beginning, to empathise with the people we were later introduced to, by putting ourselves in their shoes.” Tom Montgomery, also in Year 10, added, “I found it enlightening to hear from a local author who has written about something so important and for my generation to remember.” Jonathan Prideaux concluded with his comments, “I found it very interesting and engaging. It was powerful to listen to key aspects of history which feature within Stephan’s work. A great teacher and speaker!”


Paul Cookson – Poet, Performer and National Reading Hero

On Monday 10th July, visiting author, Paul Cookson, treated our wonderful year 7 students to an assembly on poetry. During the session, Paul discussed his love for poetry, shared some of his wonderful work and fully entertained our students with plenty of humour!


Having produced over sixty books, Paul is an experienced poet who has developed a substantial reputation across the East Midlands. Paul, who lives in Retford, is the Poetry Ambassador for United Learning and has also travelled to other countries such as Uganda, Singapore and Germany. A passionate, witty and funny individual, Paul delivered an engaging, humorous and interesting interactive session which pupils raved about. One student, Louie James, said, “it was really funny and his delivery was very interactive. His use of rhyme was excellent and he gave us an exciting taster of his books.” George Bakewell, also in Year 7, echoed this view and stated, “it was hilarious how Paul interacted with the audience and he was very enthusiastic.”

After the assembly, a selected group of students also had the privilege of participating in an exclusive workshop in the Academy’s Library. Excited and enthused, Kush Patel, 12, commented “I thoroughly enjoyed this one of a kind opportunity and I hope that other people feel as inspired to think that poetry is better than most people think it is!” Phelix Fountain stated that “it was really creative and Paul had clearly placed a lot of thought into the session which clearly showed his imagination was amazing.” Finally, Cullen Morathota, concluded, “I like poetry personally and I know that Paul’s session changed lots of my friend’s perceptions of poetry. They left with a more positive understanding of the power of poetry.”

Year 7, who were shining brightly throughout the morning’s activities, thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s session and we look forward to benefiting from Paul’s work at next year’s TAG Literary Festival!

Year 5 Shining Brightly at Arnold Hill STEM Event

Thank you to everyone involved with, and who participated in, our first ever Year 5 Bright Day last Friday. The day was a huge success and there was an amazing buzz around the academy. We even attempted an official world record and will keep you updated about whether we met the success criteria! I am already looking forward to the event next year!!!

Have a great summer!

Tara Box
Teacher of Drama and Transition Manager