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The best wizarding school in the world...

HP group

We had an amazing time in the library this week celebrating our Harry Potter themed event with Year 7 students. Our Year 9 book group, along with some of our Year 12 students, helped to organise the event to raise money for Lumos, J.K.Rowling’s charity, which aims to find loving homes for the estimated eight million hidden children around the world living in orphanages and other institutions.

The students were placed under the sorting hat on arrival and were then able to take part in various activities to win points for their houses. Activities included our very own Honeydukes sweet shop, face painting, tarot card and palm reading, treasure hunts, memory games, origami and a spell off. We finished the evening with a magnificent Harry Potter quiz. Well done to Gryffindor, the winning house on the night! The winners of the Harry Potter book quiz were Amelia Thomas and Clara Cook, who each won a copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.

The event was a roaring success, and thanks to everyone’s support we managed to raise £115 for Lumos.