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Independent travel training

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Since September, a group of our Year 8 students have been learning about travelling independently with Miss Eyre. As part of their project, they have been exploring the green cross code, communicating with others and joining the library.

The students passed their Red Test, and more recently their Amber test. For the Green test they have to catch a bus on their own and, as some of the students had never been on a bus before, Miss Eyre asked if former Arnold Hill student Harvey, who joined Nottingham City Transport after leaving school, could bring one of their buses in to school. This was a great opportunity for our students to get used to being on a bus in a safe and familiar environment, and also learn at a relaxed pace about how to catch a bus, how to signal to get off a bus, how to purchase a ticket or use a travel card, and how to conduct themselves on buses. Harvey also spoke to them about safety on buses including asking the driver for help if they are lost or worried. 

The students really enjoyed it. Harvey did too...and some of the staff!

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