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Arnold Hill DofE Centre

In the autumn term the Academy’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Award centre were delighted to recruit 46 Year 9 students to the Bronze award, 35 year 10s to the Silver award, and 14 Year 12s to the Gold award. We also welcomed two new adult volunteers to work with our participants.

At a ceremony on 27th November, the Mayor of Gedling presented nearly one hundred Bronze and Silver certificates to last year’s participants. The Gold participants will travel to an awards ceremony at St James’ Palace in London in February to collect theirs. 

On 1st and 2nd December our three Mountain Leaders trained the 14 Gold participants to operate effectively, and safely, on remote moorland in truly awful weather conditions. Once they had mastered advanced map and compass techniques, they were able to find marker stones the size of cereal packets on featureless moors in very limited visibility – for all of its huge cost GPS can do no better!

Gold expedition Dec 18