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Bali Rai returns to AHA LitFest 2018

Bali Rai Y8 web

Arnold Hill Academy was delighted to welcome back a LitFest favourite in Leicester born, gritty teen fiction writer, Bali Rai.
Bali gripped year 10 in a whole year talk about life and literature and the importance of being yourself. Identity in modern Britain was a hot topic about which he spoke frankly, and challenged year 10 to be proud of their identities as human beings. He spoke about his inner city upbringing, his family and friends, and their influences on his stories’ settings and characters.
Bali then took a library workshop session with a group of years 7 and 8. Our pupils were enthralled by his anecdotes and opportunities to ask questions. The interactive session was based on the message to ‘dream big’ and choose the right path in your life. He shared many ideas based on being the best you can. The session culminated with all pupils receiving a signed copy of one of his novels.

Bali Rai Y7