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Conduct on the way to and from school

From time to time we find it is useful to remind some of our pupils that their behaviour on their way to and from school must be of the highest standard.  Our pupils wear the Arnold Hill uniform and are clearly identifiable when they are outside of school, they represent our Academy as well as their families.  Recently, a small number of our students travelling in the location of Mapperley Top and roads and pathways off Somersby Road have not been behaving well and have caused concern amongst members of the public.

Can you please take a moment to speak with your child and ensure they clearly understand how important it is that they always conduct themselves sensibly and calmly when they are travelling to and from school.  Any of our pupils who act irresponsibly or behave in an anti-social manner while travelling to or from school will be sanctioned and parents contacted.  Similarly if your child informs you of any anti-social behaviour then please don’t hesitate to let us know, we will deal with such information confidentially when following up.

Thank you for your continued support.

Matt Robertson
Head Teacher