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Arnold View Visit: Reading Role Models

On Tuesday 20th March, nine Year 7 students were lucky enough to visit Arnold View Primary School with Mr Smith and Mrs Box. Our Year 7 students acted as fabulous reading buddies to children in Foundation stages one and two and a superb time was had by all.
A key element of the visit was supporting the children to continue the great work they had started with their teachers on reading. During the afternoon, our pupils were superb role models to the four and five year olds. Reflecting on the visit, our pupils had the following things to say on their return to Arnold Hill later that afternoon:
“The [children] were very consumed in the books. We got to ask them lots of questions based on what they had read. They were very interested in reading. We got to feel like teachers and act as role models towards them.” (Evan)
“The children told me they had a great time and we did too. They were all so well-behaved; it was a pleasure to read to them.” (Charlie)
“The children thought it was brilliant and were excited about our visit. I thought it was a really good atmosphere. The impact was positive because they had older pupils from a local feeder school to read to them.” (Noah)
“The children loved it! If they keep reading it will have a positive impact on their life.”
Arnold Hill will continue to work with Arnold View as part of our transition programme with our feeder schools in order to provide engaging opportunities to work with our fantastic pupils and staff.
Ben Smith & Tara Box