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Remembrance Workshop at Mapperley Plains

On Friday 10th November, we visited Mapperley Plains Primary school where we delivered a Remembrance workshop. The pupils were invited to create a postcard of Remembrance and what fantastic artwork and messages they produced to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Congratulations to Ayla who won a £10 book voucher for producing the overall winning postcard. Well done also to the following winners; Alesha, Madison, Lola, Jacob, Cauba, Molly, Jayden, Poppy, Emily and Liya.

During the workshop the pupils told us what Remembrance Day meant to them.
“The poppy is a symbol of hope and love” Alesha
“We remember because there were people in the war that risked their life for us to have peace, love, freedom and happiness”
“We remember because people gave their lives to us.”
“We remember for the people that died in the wars” Jacob
“We remember all those people that gave up their future so we can live in peace and happiness.” Jayden
“We remember because people risked their life for us and we need to be thankful” Poppy
“We wear poppies because we want to remember people who died in the war. We also wear them because the poppies grew when the war was happening.” Liya