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History Students Working Together with University of Nottingham

Seven of our Year 10 History students have been working collaboratively with students from the University of Nottingham as part of the university’s first ever History Festival.

Our students gave up their own time to get involved in the project and attended a series of workshops led by the university students before giving a presentation to parents, as well as staff from Arnold Hill and the University of Nottingham. Topics they chose to investigate included the Opium Wars; Protestant Reformation in Europe; Japan – Floating World; and Ferdinand and Isabella - the Spanish Inquisition, and their level of research, source analysis, points in discussion and debate were second to none. The presentation was followed by a debate from our students about whether cultural or political history is more important, before a question and answer session to close the event.

One of the university students found our students’ engagement and love of history so rewarding that she said the experience had cemented her idea of wanting to be a teacher.

We’d like to thank all of our students who took part. You were incredible and seriously impressed your History teachers, your parents and the staff from the university.

Group Photo