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Family of Schools Closer Working

On Monday 16th January, Mr Smith (Head of KS3 English) visited students in Year 6 at Coppice Farm Primary School to deliver a Literacy session on reading skills. The session comprised of activities linking inference to the real world and also provided the children with a chance to develop their skills and confidence with reading. Students were rewarded for their contributions and participated exceptionally well throughout the session. At the end of the session, students left with a huge sense of achievement and the Deputy Head Teacher provided plenty of positive feedback.

Arnold Hill’s relationship with feeder primary schools continues to prosper and there are many other things going on linked to transition. In addition to working with Coppice Farm Primary School, Mr Smith and Mr Wilson will also be continuing their English and Maths link work with the following schools throughout this academic year: Mapperley Plains Primary School; Ernehale Junior School; Arno Vale Junior School and Arnold View Primary School. The Year 6 students are responding incredibly well to the additional support and Arnold Hill is really grateful to children and the staff in our feeder schools for allowing us to work with them.

Watch this space for further updates regarding the excellent work that we are doing to ensure that the profile of Arnold Hill is raised within the community and that our new cohort of Year 7 students from September 2017 have exciting opportunities to get exclusive insights into our spectacular A block building.