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What a Wonderful World

It was the very great pleasure of Year 7 Project Based Learning to welcome the wonderful children of Arnold View Primary school to a teddy bears’ picnic and celebration.
The sixty children of the Fireflies, Dragonflies, and Busy Bees had all grown beautiful flowers and painted "friendship rocks" for the Arnold Hill Flower Festival. This has been created for the Friends of Chernobyl's Children visiting this week. We couldn't accept such a gift without inviting them to visit us for the afternoon. We all enjoyed the flower garden together and then enjoyed more surprises as they presented us with bunting they had made and windmills for the garden. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better they surprised us by singing two songs they had learnt about flowers, one of them including sign language! The Y7 ambassadors loved them so much they had to sing them again so we could join in. It was such a pleasure to play a "live" recording to the 12 Belarusian children when they visited us on Friday.
Next we set off for a game of "Simon says" with the ambassadors, who discovered it's still a tricky game before we all enjoyed cookies and a drink.
The Arnold Hill ambassadors excelled themselves, polite, caring and warmly inclusive of all the children and adults. They took their role of hosts seriously but with genuine joy. It was wonderful to see them making our guests feel special and at home. Particularly pleasing was to see them showing great adaptability and anticipation.
Particular thanks to Nadine Cairns, Kayleigh Williams and Stephen Higgins who joined Year 7 to assist the ambassadors, Miss Box and Mr Maurice-Smith.
Thanks to their great work and "professionalism" Miss Box and Mr Maurice-Smith had little to do other than join in the fun.
Well done to Foundation and Key Stages 3 & 4! A new partnership born out of kindness, charity and fun, from learning about and supporting children affected by the Chernobyl disaster 30 years ago.
A massive thank you to the wonderful Miss Wilson and her staff at Arnold View for their hard work and enthusiasm that made today and tomorrow so special.
Thanks to all the staff, parents and children who helped make this happen. Today we lived in a very wonderful world.