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Year 10 Parents’ Evening Monday 4th June

Year 10 parents' evening will take place in A Block from 4.00pm until 6.30pm on Monday 4th June 2018. The letter to parents can be viewed here. Please sign in at A Block reception five minutes before your first appointment time and collect a map and rooming for the evening. 

The science behind our eyes

On Tuesday 8th May we welcomed two colleagues from Specsavers, Wheeler Gate, Nottingham to Arnold Hill Academy. They were here for a workshop to help a select group of our year 7-10 pupils learn about the science behind our eyes and what happens in an eye test, as well as letting us try on some of the glasses! The aim of the session was to help ease anxiety and raise self-esteem for pupils who wear prescription spectacles. The pupils all felt very positive about the session and we hope to run similar events in the future.


Post 16 Study Leave Dates

Year 13 students will leave for study leave on Friday 25th May 2018. Any students who wish to come in for study sessions with their teachers after the May Half Term are more than welcome to attend timetabled lessons as normal. Any BTEC Level 3 students with coursework still to complete will be asked to attend school as normal until this work is completed by the deadlines.

Year 12 students do not have study leave and will continue to attend timetabled lessons as normal after May Half Term.

South Notts victory for under 13 girls

U13GirlsSouthNottsWinners 1.5.18

Congratulations to our U13 girls' football team on their fantastic performance in the South Notts final against Rushcliffe School. Great effort and determination from the whole team resulted in a well deserved 5-2 victory and another trophy for the cabinet. Well done girls, we are all very proud of you!  

3aaa Apprenticeship Open Day

3aaa open day 31.5.18

An exciting new Partnership between Trent Academies Group and Spencer Academies Trust

Chair - TAG

When Phil Crompton, our current CEO, made the decision to retire, the Board determined that the best way to build on the legacy of TAG was to add more capacity to the Trust. We wanted to find a partner, who had the same values, ethos and commitment to excellence as TAG. In Spencer Academies Trust (SAT), we believe we have found not only that, but also a Trust that has huge ambitions for its future. It has undergone significant change itself over the past 18 months to ensure that it remains one of the leading Trusts in the region.

All schools in the group will have a valuable role to play and the support of SAT, with a track record of high standards and performance improvement, will ensure that we too build on the current strengths of Arnold Hill and Farnborough Academies. Rushcliffe particularly will have a key role to play across the enlarged group.

I would like to again thank Phil Crompton for his continued commitment to TAG. He will remain in role until his retirement at the end of the summer term. Paul West, the current CEO of SAT, will take on an advisory supporting role during this period.

We look forward to concluding the formalities over the next few months and anticipate that the full merger will take place on the 1st Sept 2018 when Paul West will become the CEO of the enlarged Trust.

I look forward to an exciting new future for both our students and employees.

The press release on the merger of The Spencer Academies Trust and Trent Academies Group can be found here Joint Press Release

Andrew Pickin

Head Teacher - Arnold Hill Academy

Dear Parent/Carers

As you will be aware Mr Crompton, the CEO of the Trent Academies Group (TAG), is retiring at the end of this academic year. The TAG Trust Board has decided to explore a wide range of opportunities to make sure they were making the right decision for the future success of all the schools in the trust (Arnold Hill Academy, Farnborough Academy and Rushcliffe School). They have worked very closely with Mr. Crompton, myself and the other Head Teachers to find a way of securing the best future for all our pupils. After much consideration, I am very pleased to inform you that a decision has been made for TAG to join the Spencer Academies Trust.

The enlarged group will comprise 15 schools of which eight will be secondary, meeting the needs of over 17,000 pupils across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. The Trent Academies Group, combined with the Spencer Academies Trust, will form one of the biggest trusts in the region and will bring together a wide range of expertise and increased capacity which will significantly benefit the children and staff at Arnold Hill.

We are very excited at the prospect of working closely with other secondary schools which include the following academies: George Spencer Academy, Heanor Gate Science College, John Port Academy, Derby Moor Academy and Long Field Academy.

Subject to due diligence and appropriate regulatory approvals, the merger will take place on 1st September 2018. The combined group will retain the Spencer Academies Trust name, and will be led by the current SAT CEO, Paul West.

At this stage there are no changes planned to the way the Academy operates. If anything changes you will, of course, be kept fully informed.

This is an exciting time for us and I am certain Spencer Academies Trust will play a significant role in helping us accelerate the improvements we have been making at Arnold Hill.

Kind regards

Matt Robertson
Head Teacher