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Careers and UCAS

A Level Results Day - Clearing and Adjustment

A Level Results Day is Thursday 15th August 2019.. If your grades are different to your original expectations, there are two scenarios:

1. Adjustment

If your exam results turn out to be better than expected and not only meet, but exceed, the conditions of your conditional firm offer, you have the option to use Adjustment. This allows you to register and apply for other aspirational courses in a five-day window, whilst holding your original confirmed place. Visit www.ucas.com/adjustment for more information.

2. Clearing

This will be an option if you have been unsuccessful in gaining a place with either your firm or insurance choices. Even though you can’t approach a university for a Clearing place until you have your results, and you have been made unsuccessful by the universities you applied to, it’s worth doing some research in advance to consider the types of courses that could be an option. This could save time if you need to use Clearing in the future. Because you will deal directly with university admissions staff in Clearing, you should treat the process as a mini interview. Nothing can be gained from a speculative phone call with little or no understanding of the course or university, particularly during Clearing – it is still a competitive process and should be viewed as such. Visit www.ucas.com/clearing for more information. If you have signed up to the direct contact service, please make sure you don’t wait for calls from universities and colleges with potential offers. You should follow the usual Clearing process, and do your own research and make calls.

If you haven’t applied through UCAS it’s not too late, you can submit an application to go into Clearing. From 5 July to  23 October 2019.you can apply for a course using Clearing if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places. For more information click on this link https://www.ucas.com/advisers/toolkits/confirmation-clearing-and-adjustment-toolkit-advisers. The documents below will also be useful for you to read


Key Resources

We have gathered together a selection of resources that we hope you will find helpful on your journey through the UCAS application cycle. All of the documents are available to view/ download using the buttons below.

Follow this link for useful dates for UCAS applications www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/apply-and-track/key-dates 


Drop In Sessions

Every Wednesday there is a UCAS drop in session for students in the Sixth Form Library (upstairs) where they can get help with their applications, course choices, personal statements and anything else UCAS related!

Where Did Our Year 13 Students Go This Year?

Our students were very successful this year in gaining entry to their first choice of university. The following destinations are a sample of the university destinations that our students are now happily studying at:
University of Birmingham
University of Sheffield
Nottingham Trent University
University of Liverpool
Northumbria University
Sheffield Hallam University
University of Leeds
University of Manchester
University of Nottingham
Manchester Met University


Not all our students want to go to university and we support these students with a number of workshops throughout the year. Please click here for a PowerPoint presentation of topics taught to students during Guidance on a Tuesday and Wednesday to help support them with applying for jobs.

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