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BBC News School Report

BBC School Report

BBC News School Report 2018 

25 of our year 7 students took part in BBC News School Report last week. BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience and to develop their journalistic skills. It was a fantastic day with pupils interviewing a range of staff and their peers, all giving their view of current affairs.

Read all about it in this hot off the press, special edition of the Arnold Hill Academy Times.


BBC News School Report 2017

Students are busy making the news for real today as they take part in BBC News School Report.

A group of our year 7 students had an early start this morning when they travelled to BBC Radio Nottingham's studio to join David Jackson and Sarah Julian as they presented the Breakfast Show. The girls had interviewed one of our English teachers, Mrs Marshall who has taught at Arnold Hill for an impressive forty years, and were invited to go along and listen to their interview play live on air. If you missed it first time around you can catch up here BBC Radio Nottingham - Inspirational Teacher

Pic 7


A hot topic in Arnold currently is the "Save Our Market" campaign. Four of our year 8 students headed out to Arnold Market to interview local councillors, Jenny Hollingsworth, David Ellis & Henry Wheeler.

20170309 151550 (2)
The girls asked some very searching questions, watch out David Dimbleby! They then went on to interview members of the public and a shop owner about what they thought the impact of the decline of Arnold market had had on their community, and their business. The full story will appear here later.


These are just the first of many great stories we will be featuring at Arnold Hill today so make sure you save this page in your favourites and return to it later!


BBC News School Report 2016

Students from Arnold Hill Academy joined thousands of other young people from schools across the country as they made the news for real on 10th March 2016. They had an exciting time reporting on a diverse range of topics which we have shared with you below!


Is Social Media Taking Over Your Child's Life?

Today, everyone has some sort of interaction with social media. Whether you see it online, on TV, use it to keep in touch with family and friends, or if you have active accounts on every social app... We interviewed Annabelle age 11, and asked her how much time she spends on social media and she says she uses Instagram, Musical.ly, Snapchat and Oovoo. She also says that when she has nothing to do she goes on her phone; however an older person would say that as a child they would have turned to a book! This shows how much technology is taking over this generation.
Technology is everywhere, and we rely on it more and more every day. We have collected data which says that our generation uses Instagram and YouTube the most, with Instagram we use it to post photos of all different types of from what we have for our tea to selfies! But could this change our personality? Studies have shown that all people who use social media have two different types of personality one on social media and one in real life. With YouTube most people watch YouTube; girls tend to watch people like Zoella, Pointless Blog, Thatcher Joe and a lot others who are lifestyle, fashion and makeup bloggers. Does what they say and do influence me and others? YouTube could easily affect people’s personality and it could become a massive problem.
How much time do we lose on our mobile phones and other electronics? Rather than being social on our phones, shouldn’t we be social in real life with real people? There are positive and negative sides to social media and children suddenly already having phones at the age of 9! A positive side is that technology can help us learn, but a negative side is that cyber bullying is starting to happen a lot. After all, social media is here to stay and can be very useful when used in the right way...
By Edie, Hannah, Abigail, Isabel, Sukhveer and Ibrahim at BBC news school report.

How Technology Has Affected Our Lives  


Sugar Rush

Would you believe that there are 3.9 million people in the UK with diabetes? This is a huge number of people and it can happen to anyone. Diabetes is a lifelong condition that anyone can be diagnosed with. Diabetes is caused when a person eats too many sugary things and their sugar levels get too high. Usually, the regular amount of sugar a day for an adult is 30g which is the equivalent of nearly seven sugar cubes. Children aged 7 to 10 should only be having 24g (6 sugar cubes). Added sugars are in foods such as chocolate, biscuits and cake but added sugars and these foods are the things that we need to cut down on. These foods can also cause tooth decay. Sugary foods and drinks cause tooth decay especially when they are ate between meals.
By Jess, Violet and Ella

Not So Sweet After All

Global Warming


The Story Behind the Syrian Crisis

19th March 2011: Politicians shoot 6 people in Daraa starting the war
29th April 2011: Over 300 deaths in Syrian cities on that day alone
1st May 2011: The first refugees go to Lebanon
23rd February 2012: Death toll hits 1,000
4th July 2013: Over 1 million people have become refugees
20th April 2014: Over 9,000 children under 11 years old are now dead
10th July 2015: First US air strikes
10th March 2016: War still rages on with the a death count of more than 300,000
The Syrian Civil War has raged on for nearly 5 years. President Bashar al-Assad and his army have fought the Syrian rebels misplacing millions of people and killing thousands. In recent years many of the countries in the United Nations have joined the battle in an attempt to end it for the civilians, refugee countries and the waring countries. The battling sides are destroying the now-barren wilderness there. The sides will not announce how much they have spent but the United States have spent $2.7 million and the Turkish government have spent 11% of their annual budget on it.
The millions of Refugees have flocked in their hundreds to North Africa, Asia and Europe. This has crowded up these places and as governments try to lower the limit of people flocking to certain nations. This has left to people sailing on a poorly made raft in the middle of the Mediterranean and living on about £10 . Any more and they’re lucky. Many of the refugees from the civil war have died since leaving Syria. Some could not survive their perilous journey north and others lives were lost as they attempted to survive in refugee camps .Every day, more people are losing their property and heading away from these danger zones in Syria.
By Ewan.

Syrian Crisis Shocks the World

Experiences of a Foster Parent



Richard Branson, (born 18 July 1980) founder of the worldwide company virgin Atlantic. Currently Branson is working on futuristic planes based on spaceships which could allow passengers to travel from London to Sydney in two and a half hours.
Virgin Galactic, the space flight company owned by Richard Branson says that the space tourism that the space tourism plane is currently developing and could be modified to turn into a super jet. The company is also considering cruises to the moon and back. This plane is designed to travel outside the earth’s atmosphere.
Passing above the planet at around 4,200 mph it could cover the 10,500 miles from London to Sydney in two and a half hours.
Among the company’s other long term goals are space cruise ships which could take people away from earth for longer stretches. Speaking at an event in London, commercial director Stephen Attenborough said they could serve orbital hotels, or allow tourists to travel to the moon and back.
Tickets could initially cost up to £60,00 but they say space flight could be available within 15 to 20 years.
By Amitoj, Josh, Ivy and Emma.

New Planet Found



Fantasy over Non-fiction

Why do children prefer reading fiction, as oppose to non-fiction? It is because the book can transport them to an alternate reality? Or maybe because it can be an escape from the real world? Fantasy can include anything from fire breathing dragons to vampires to magical boarding schools, whereas in non-fiction, there are topics on biographies to cookbooks. These probably aren’t going to be titles that appeal to younger readers.
One reason children might want to read fantasy, could be that they can be written from a child’s point of view, which would mean that the reader can relate and empathise with the characters, as they would be able to feel what the character is feeling, and know what the characters thoughts are. But some fantasy books, like Harry Potter, are written from the third person. So why do they appeal to children?
Another reason they could be interested in reading fantasy could be that for example, history in non-fiction tends to entirely factual, and to the point – also, even if children haven’t read the book before, they tend to have a vague idea of what happens. Therefore the book can be quite boring as it may only reinforce the reader’s knowledge of the subject, as oppose to fantasy, which is entirely new to the reader, because the author has created something that has never been thought of before.
In 2013, there was a survey that showed children’s favourite books. It joint first place were two of J.K Rowling’s books; Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. In second place was Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins. All three of these titles are fantasy, relatively well known fantasy books as well. The rest of the list consisted of fantasy stories, apart from one; John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, New York Times bestseller- and fiction.
But, to understand why children have a preference towards a genre of literature, you need to look at the alternatives. What does non-fiction have- or more correctly, not have?
• Non-fiction includes biographies, histories, memoirs, how-to books, self-help books and many more.
• It is informative and factual.
• It is writing about real events that actually happened in the past or are currently happening.
• Some non-fiction may not have a storyline.
• Non-fiction information books on history tend to be written in the third person.
• Some non-fiction focuses on global issues, e.g. global warming, the decline of the rainforest, economy, etc....
The fact that non-fiction might not have a storyline could have an impact of the number of children reading it- not having a storyline could mean that the reader doesn’t get drawn in, as there is no set story, no characters that the book focuses on and no climax.
Additionally, non-fiction can focus on global challenges and issues which, in fiction and fantasy, are rarely touched upon in detail and if they are they tend to have quite a neutral or happy solution or ending to the problem. This could be because in fantasy (at least in children’s fantasy) the author promotes a sense of naivety and innocence, as the reader age range can be quite young and telling a 9 year old that humanity is doomed as a species probably won’t sell that all that well.
In conclusion, the majority of children do prefer fantasy over non-fiction as it can be a form of escapism, so they can get away from the normality of everyday life and live in a different scene, if only for few pages. Non-fiction, though helpful and to the point, does not appeal in the way that fantasy and fiction can, as it can be focused solely on the issues (global and everyday) that fantasy tries so hard to avoid.
So what do you prefer reading, fantasy or nonfiction? 

How Has Shakespeare Influenced Modern Day Life?



Today’s news report is about the upcoming Rio Olympics, starting on August 5th and coming to an end on August 21st. The Maracanã stadium, where all of the inspiring athletes will be competing, is in the vibrant country of Brazil; Rio. Throughout Britain schools have tried to aspire the next generation of young athletes to take their sporting talents up to the furthermore Olympics. One of the schools taking part in this is Arnold Hill Academy in Nottinghamshire, England.
After taking a trip to the school, the BBC news team discovered their enthusiastic ways of interpreting the sports into the pupil’s lifestyle. Their methods were to have fun sports played throughout their physical education lessons; the children chose their favourite sports and they helped develop their skill throughout many sessions. Sports equipment and facilities are positively developing to more, as its coming to the summer of track and field sports. Although Arnold Hill Academy may not have all the facilities and equipment required for every sport, they are still encouraging their students to take up new sports that will push them out with a new school underway, bringing many new facilities. The students are excited to use the forthcoming dance studio and sports hall coming to Arnold hill Academy.



The “C” system is a new consequence system that has recently been introduced to Arnold Hill Academy in January, the beginning of term. The “C” stands for consequence and there are several different stages to the new system.

C1: Is the first stage, the student who is disrupting the class will have his or her name written down, on the board or on paper, this will not be formally recorded on the Arnold hill Academy system.
C2: Is the next stage and will be formally recorded for other teachers and tutors to view.
C3: Is a faculty detention, you will receive a slip of all the details informing you and your parents what and when it is to take place.
C4: Is an on call situation. You will be formally removed from the room by an on call duty member of staff and taken to isolation for the rest of that current period so the child can’t disrupt the education any further.
The C system is efficient and working well with the students at Arnold Hill Academy and is a recommended sanction system.
“It is working extremely well and is more efficient as the teachers are able to apply it to lessons much quicker. It is also a complement to the school as the student disrupting the education can be removed from the lesson therefore not leaving them to cause any further disruptions or distractions to that particular situation. It is an easy to understand system so all pupils and teachers can know how it works so there are no excuses to getting out of detention.”
bY Beatrice, student of Arnold Hill Academy.

Arnold Hill Academy New Build

Arnold Hill Academy is currently having a brand new school built in the centre of the site grounds. £14million has been put into the operation of building the new main school, which is scheduled to be finished in September 2016 as it started being built at the end of the summer holidays 2015.

The new building will replace the old main school, which was built in 1959. It is to be knocked down, due to hazardous features that could become a threat to pupils in the future, it is further to be replaced by sports pitches and facilities.
The lower school will be used for language studies such as French and Spanish; as there will be 1,700 students in the new school when it is open and running in September.
The builders working on the new school have been working everyday since the project first started, making sure everything is just right and worthy of being the best and safest it can be;
The children of Arnold Hill Academy have been waiting in anticipation for the opening of the new build for months and cannot wait to see the final result;
However we do have some exclusive photos;


New Build Survey

We asked a group of Arnold Hill Academy students to fill in a survey about the new build. Most of them said on the question “do you think the learning environment will improve?” most of the children commented ‘yes’. The school based team agree with this as well. This is because there will be a lot more opportunities and more technical equipment to use. Everyone is so excited about the new build and can’t wait to see the finishing results!
We also asked a question about if they will miss the old rugby field and 20% of them said no. This was a shock really because it was a really big space and it had to be taken away to build a new building. Obviously the new build will be a lot more impressive!
We were really impressed with some of the answers students came up with. It was a really good opportunity to see what they think of it.

Tour of the New Build